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Formed in 2003, the Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists (SAOT) is a voluntary, non-regulatory body that provides networking and education opportunities for its members.

SAOT advocates for occupational therapy to government, insurers and the public; delivers membership services and promotes occupational therapy to Albertans.

SAOT works alongside the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT) and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) to serve occupational therapists in Alberta.

Provide information to occupational therapists on accessing local resources


Our Mission

Dedicated to the well-being of all Albertans, SAOT is the vehicle to drive practice, shape capacity and grow the profession of occupational therapy in Alberta by bridging research, practice, advocacy and policy.

Our Role

To conduct the activities, affairs, management and governance of the Society including maintaining a registry of members;

To promote, assist and maintain a high standard of occupational therapy practice through continuing education and awarding grants to members of the Society;

To disseminate information pertinent to occupational therapists;

To receive bequests, donations, grants of money and to raise money for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Society through membership fees, public subscription or any other manner that is not contrary to the federal and provincial laws of Canada;

To promote the practice of occupational therapy;

To represent the benefits and value of occupational therapy to other professionals, health disciplines, societies and associations, consumer groups and all Albertans;

To carry out any specific objectives that SAOT’s Board and Directors may, from time to time, adopt in support of the above objectives.


CAOT, ACOT and SAOT – Roles & Responsibilities

Keeping occupational therapists informed about relevant (changes to current and new) federal and provincial legislation (e.g., privacy, persons in care, etc.) check check check
Advocating/marketing for occupational therapy to consumers and consumer groups check check
Maintain a website of interest to consumers check check check
Help public find an occupational therapist check check
Facilitate occupational therapists’ networking check check
Link for COTF for funding of research check check
Sponsor and facilitate education check check
Disseminate pertinent practice and practical information through communication networks check check
Local/provincial advocacy for occupational therapy check
Represent occupational therapists at provincial interdisciplinary committees/boards check
Facilitate an “on the ground” occupational therapist community check
Recognize occupational therapists among their peers for outstanding practice and contribution to society check
Provide information to occupational therapists on accessing local resources check
Facilitate local level practice interest groups check
Protection of the public; investigate concerns raised about registrants’ practice check
Information to the public about such topics as qualifications for “entry into practice” etc. check
Contribute to development and updating of national OT ‘competencies’ and ‘standards’ documents check
Publish inter-provincial documents/agreements as appropriate (e.g., agreement on internal trade) check
Standards of Practice (Provincial) – establish programs and guidelines that promote competent and ethical OT practice (e.g., continuing competency program) check
License occupational therapists, set standards for entry to practice check
Maintain a practice advisor check
Assure public of occupational therapists’ ability and show profession’s due diligence check
Accreditation of educational programs check
Publish relevant research and articles of interest (CJOT & OT Now) check
Facilitate malpractice insurance check
Assist in human resource planning for profession check
Administer national certification exam check
Represent occupational therapists on national committees check