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Award Committee Questionnaire

The SAOT Awards Committee has been reviewing the application of awards and grants offered through SAOT, including the SAOT/COTF Research & Education Grant. The purpose of the SAOT/COTF Research & Education Grant is to advance OT knowledge and research, however the committee has found the fund is being underutilized. While funds are limited and finite, there is an opportunity to make revisions to the criteria and award size to better meet the financial needs of Alberta OT’s within the grant’s domain.

The following is the current description of the SAOT/COTF Research and Education grant, as presented on the SAOT website and SAOT policy:

“A maximum of three $1000 grants are awarded annually for the following:

Education Grant: To advance their knowledge of occupational therapy practice or to enable them to participate in or to carry out clinical research. This can be used to fund speakers and events that align with the stated purpose and have occupational therapists as a target audience.

Clinical Research Award: The purpose of this grant is to support clinical research in the area of occupational therapy. Clinical occupational therapists, students in thesis-based Masters, and PhD programs can apply for funding to support their clinical research projects.”

Eligibility criteria includes the following:

  • Students or qualified OT’s
  • Active SAOT member or willing to become one (including student members of SAOT)
  • Registered with ACOT

We are seeking feedback from SAOT membership regarding what changes to make to the grant to best disburse the available funds in order to advance OT knowledge and research in Alberta. Answers to the following questionnaire will assist in informing the recommendations the committee will present to the SAOT Board of Directors for approval.

This survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.