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Live Webinar: “Post-Acute Rehabilitation of the Complex Patient in the Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Care Settings: Updates to Practice Including COVID Recovery”

July 15, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


NEW! Live Webinar for Therapists. Complete all 4 Sessions for 12 Contact Hours (1.2 CEUs)

The type of patient diagnoses most commonly seen in a post-acute setting is rapidly shifting to a more frail, multi-system involved caseload, with or without the new COVID-19 diagnosis. Efficient identification of critical illness-related deficits and frailty will allow a clinician to perform a more thorough evaluation, develop a more comprehensive plan of care and obtain positive patient outcomes, all of which is necessary from both a payment and care perspective. Knowing what to focus on when evaluating and setting the plan of care will be even more critical in this current environment.

This course is centered on providing evidence- based tests and measures to use for evaluations, review frameworks for effective care planning to reduce re-hospitalizations and provide evidence-based interventions for optimal outcomes in treating the complex frail adult in the SNF and Home Health settings. Updates to post-acute care for COVID recovery will also be included.

Case studies for diagnoses such as post-COVID recovery, frailty and heart failure will be introduced for participants to utilize critical thinking processes combined with recent research to identify best practices of care for this population. In addition, dysphagia, dementia and delirium related screening, outcome testing and interventions will be discussed as many of the patients treated in the SNF and Home Health settings often present with one or more of these diagnoses.


After this course, participants will be able to

Describe the most common Coronavirus effects on the body & after-effects of long-term ICU treatment.
Utilize 3 outcome measures specific to post-COVID, frail, and/or cognitively impaired patients.
Identify the signs of ICUAW and PICS to use as a screening tool with your post-acute patients
Develop a working knowledge of best practices while utilizing presented frameworks/processes to prevent re-hospitalization for the complex frail patient.
Implement 4 treatment interventions appropriate for the post-acute treatment of a patient s/p coronavirus, heart failure or frailty.
Apply dementia specific tests & interventions to assist in obtaining optimal outcomes for any patient with reduced cognition or delirium.
Suggested Audience: Physical Therapists and Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Assistants, Speech and Language Pathologists

This is a Four Part event:

Wednesday July 15 6:00pm– 9:00pm EST

Wednesday July 22 6:00pm– 9:00pm EST

Wednesday July 29 6:00pm– 9:00pm EST

Wednesday August 5 6:00pm – 9:00pm EST


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