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Pediatric Professionals and Pelvic Health

December 9 @ 5:39 am

Do you work with families throughout the process of toilet training?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the many different factors of the pelvic floor and how it impacts toilet training?

That the process of learning about how to support your child with toileting can be a big daunting monster?

Do you feel like you have a million questions about toileting and how to support the families and children that you work with?

Join Ascend Pediatrics in a Professionals Pelvic Health Seminar! We are pleased to have Lindsey Kaupp, MScOT BScKin(Hon), CSAHD, with E-Motion Therapy & AmplifyU. Lindsey will be there to support professionals in learning about the pelvic floor and the ways we can support families through the process of toileting! This can help you feel more comfortable and competent within the different areas of chronic constipation, significant clenching and holding in ASD, leakage, fear of the toilet, menstrual cycles within females, pediatric masturbation, diapers vs. underwear and much more!

Lindsey Kaupp is a multipassionate Occupational Therapist and entrepreneur with 3 main focuses: pelvic health; optimal daily function for individuals looking to achieve and maintain personal & professional success; and expanding the reach of accessible / universal design rentals in the world of real estate investing.

In all three areas of focus Lindsey utilizes a whole person approach by helping clients identify and step away from the issue at hand, look at the bigger picture, and create an individualized plan of action that works with, not against, their own life demands and personality preferences. Her favourite part of all three areas is educating others so that they can take the concepts & information needed and apply the knowledge to ANY facet of their lives.

Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband Cody, her two daughters Jessica and Kara, and their two big dogs Kenji and Darla. These days you can usually find the whole Kaupp family either at the hockey arena, the gymnastics club, or having a backyard fire with entertainment provided by the Kaupp girls as they put on a ‘concert’.

Are you interested in joining on Day 2 for Ripples of Resilience! Check out the awesome event with Lindsey Kaupp and Amber Ell!

There is a special discount for attendees who both days!


December 9, 2023
5:39 am