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You may choose to hire an occupational therapist (OT) privately. Like other independent contractors, OTs offer varied rates and services. Are you an SAOT Member working in private practice? Log in to update your personal profile here.

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    Kayla Oakley
    Sandie Searle
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    Megan Kossowan
    A Helping Hand- Occupational Therapy and the use of Accupuncture Shelly Craig
    Accessibly Yours Home Modifications Ltd. Denise Thorsley
    Achieve OT Ltd. Ann Boys
    Advance Occupational Therapy Services Danielle Pluth
    Andrea Wuetherick, Occupational Therapist Andrea Wuetherick
    Andrew O.T. Consulting Ltd. Mavis Andrew
    Appelt OT Consulting Ltd./Mindful Pain Management Joanne Appelt

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    An OT considers the individual’s goals, abilities and challenges and works together with the individual, family and/or other care providers to support functional concerns related, but not limited to:

    • Self-care: eating, sleeping, dressing, developmental transitions, home management, driving;
    • Productivity: play, learning, work, retraining and transitions;
    • Leisure: play, recreation, hobbies, socializing and sports.

    Learn more at on how an occupational therapist can assist you or someone you know.

    Finding an OT to Help

    Agencies that fund occupational therapy services include:
    • Programs in your Zone offered by Alberta Health Services
    • Extended health benefits with some insurers or as part of an insurance claim (e.g., motor vehicle accident)
    • Veterans Affairs for eligible veterans
    • Workers’ Compensation for a work-related injury
    • Local preschools and schools for developmental or learning needs
    Ask your service provider or insurer if occupational therapy is covered. For more information, contact Health Link Alberta (in Calgary 403-943-5465, in Edmonton 780-408-5465, or Toll-Free 1-866-408-5465), or check the Inform Alberta website.