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Clinical Preceptor Award

  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • Provide a description of how the preceptor effectively promoted critical thinking through role modeling, facilitation, guidance and prioritization of tasks and client/patient goals. (60 words)
  • Describe how the preceptor used, demonstrated and taught current theoretical, research-based and tacit knowledge in response to client/patient needs and intervention planning. (60 words)
  • Performance Evidence

  • Describe how the preceptor successfully imparted information, expressed ideas and gave instructions. Comment about how he or she maintained a positive relationship with you. (60 words)
  • Describe how the clinical preceptor was actively involved in your clinical learning and practical development. How did you know you were doing something right? (60 words)
  • Linking to above statements, describe how the preceptor facilitated your reflection in clinical care and guided approach to making clinical decisions. Provide examples of how the preceptor modeled clinical reasoning and initiated meaningful dialogue about professional practice. (60 words)