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Student Clinical Placement Award

  • Nominee Information

  • Student membership in SAOT is not compulsory but encouraged at time of nomination and/award.
  • Nominator Information

  • Performance Evidence

  • Comment on use of theoretical, research-based and tacit knowledge in response to client/patient needs and intervention planning (50 words)
  • Comment on ability to use task analysis as a clinical reasoning tool. (50 words)
  • Comment on the ability to exchange information and ideas, using appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors, while limiting physical and psychological barriers to collaborative communication (50 words)
  • Comment on observation of collaborative interaction based on client-centred service including clients/patients and/or their proxies. (50 words)
  • Comment on ability to use a forward-looking process for setting goals and regularly checking progress towards achieving measurable goals. (50 words)
  • Comment on investment in attaining both personal development and career advancement demonstrated by taking advantage of both informal and formal learning opportunities. (50 words)