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Mentor Waiver Agreement

SAOT Find-a-Mentor Waiver/Agreement

Occupational therapists across the SAOT membership have offered to be contacted for the purposes of exploring potentials to establish a mentorship relationship. In using the Find-a-Mentor Tool, we ask you to agree to the following;

Seeking a Mentor

  • I will use the tool to seek colleagues who are willing to be contacted to consider the potential to assume a role as a mentor to me, respecting that a member may decline the opportunity to mentor at any time for whatever reason.
  • In contacting fellow members identified through the tool, I will inform them that I have secured their name and contact information from the Find-a-Mentor tool.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to identify my needs and goals for a mentorship relationship.   I understand that some members will assume a mentorship role voluntarily and that I have some responsibility to ensure that there is a win/win for each party.  I understand that some members may request compensation for time spent.  I may seek to negotiate a payment agreement or not.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of any potential mentors I connect with and respect the confidentiality of a mentorship relationship.
  • I recognize that in using information or advice that may be proffered by my mentor, I cannot hold my mentor accountable for outcomes that may result from use of their inputs.  Their support, information and advice is offered to enrich and facilitate my own reflection, clinical reasoning and decision-making.
  • I will not use the Find-a-Mentor Tool for the purposes of;

soliciting or promoting employment opportunities

circulating surveys

circulating promotional information for courses, products or services

  • I will not pass along the contact information of any of my mentor contacts without their expressed permission.

In Responding to a Potential Mentee’s Request:

  • As a courtesy, I will respond to a Find-a-Mentor request to explore potentials for a mentorship relationship indicating whether I am able/interested to proceed to mentor at this time or not.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of members contacting me to explore mentoring opportunities and throughout any mentorship relationship that I may engage in.
  • Should I find I am being contacted for the purposes of promotion or solicitation of employment opportunities or promotion of educational opportunities, products or services, I will notify SAOT.
  • Should my interest in being contacted for the purposes of mentorship change, I will modify this information on my SAOT Membership OT Profile.