1 (855) 691-7268 info@saot.ca

Contact Info

Name: Anna Vander Haeghe
City: Edson
Phone: 7807231295
Email: annavhconsulting@yahoo.ca

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Anna Vander Haeghe Occupational Therapy Inc.
Website: http://www.edsonleapcentre.com
Years in Practice: more than 20 years but less than 30 years

My pediatric occupational therapy practice has a strong focus on global development, sensory processing and activities of daily living. I work extensively with families who want to understand their child's behaviour so that they can advocate for their child's needs and create happy, healthy environments for their family. I have additional expertise in supporting children with vision impairments especially CVI and ocular motor delays.

I am proud to have additional expertise in a number of areas including: sensory integration including interoception; feeding and swallowing; vision including low vision and CVI; vision rehabilitation; custom splinting; augmentative communication; wheelchair seating and positioning. This provides a well-rounded approach to my therapy and the ability to support the family fully. My private practice supports PUF and FSCD supported children and families and also provides a private pay occupational therapy option in the Edson Area.