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Contact Info

Name: Betsy Salehi
City: Calgary
Phone: 4037145219
Email: Info@betsycaresolutions.ca

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Betsy Care Solutions
Website: http://www.betsycaresolutions.ca
Years in Practice: more than 20 years but less than 30 years

Working as an Occupational therapist, with people affected by illness, injury, developmental disorders, emotional or psychological problems and aging to maintain, restore or increase their ability to care for themselves and to engage in work, school or leisure. +20 years of experience, AADL Authorizer.

- OT for Children with the following conditions:
Autism, Feeding, Sensory processing disorders, Developmental delays, Traumatic amputations severe hand injuries, Multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Assess and authorize all needed equipment through Alberta Aida to Daily living (AADL) like wheelchair, walker, standing board, and etc.

- OT for Adult and Seniors with the following conditions:
Recovering from a physical or cognitive injury like Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA), Hip and knee replacement, Maintain and maximize independence for people affected with all types of chronic degenerative or neurological degenerative disorders like: COPD, CHF, Dementia, Parkinson, MS, ALS and etc. Adapting an environment to accommodate a person's needs (Home modification assessment/intervention). Assess, authorize, order and teaching a patient to use special equipment such as a wheelchair(manual/power), scooter, walker or eating aid. Learn new ways To complete everyday tasks. Regain skills that have been lost, Develop stronger muscles. Improve their balance. Improve function. Increased independence. Improved quality of Life. Individual Fall assessment/ intervention. Safety and ergonomic assessment.