1 (855) 691-7268 info@saot.ca

Contact Info

Name: Callee Soltys
City: Edmonton
Phone: 587-859-3453
Email: heartandsoulot@gmail.com

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Heart and Soul Occupational Therapy
Website: http://www.heartandsoulOT.ca
Years in Practice: more than 15 years but less than 20 years

As Heart and Soul OT, I aim to provide leading edge mental health occupational therapy service, with love for diverse brains and expertise in creating holistic, strengths based recovery/wellness plans. I offer professional assessment and intervention, with a focus on self regulation. My work is grounded in core OT philosophy and practice processes, which include client centeredness (really listening to the person’s voice), evidence based practice (I know and love the science, e.g. polyvagal theory, sensory processing/interoception), and unconditional positive regard.

One of the tools I offer is called The Safe and Sound Protocol, which is a neurotechnology based listening intervention (5 hours of filtered music). It is intended to help calm the brain so that the person can engage more fully in other therapies. Clients best suited for this tend to have very sensitive hearing and are already using sound/music as a regulating strategy in daily life.