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Name: Christine Horvath
City: Parkland County
Email: christine@chattytherapy.com

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Private Practice Name: Christine Horvath
Website: https://www.chattytherapy.com/startfeedingtherapy
Years in Practice: more than 5 years but less than 10 years

Do you feel stress and anxiety around HOW MUCH or WHAT your child eats? Do you dread mealtimes and finding something your child will eat? Is it a constant battle to get your child to try new foods? Are you acting as your child’s personal on-demand chef - preparing both a family meal AND an entirely different meal for your child because they won’t eat what everyone else is eating?

Eating is a complex process that involves multiple systems of our body. When children have difficulties in one or more systems, it can result in picky eating or food avoidance. Without support, children who are picky eaters or who have eating disorders can develop serious health concerns and a negative relationship with food. As parents, it can feel overwhelming, stressful and make you anxious when your child does not eat. We believe that meals should be an enjoyable social experience, and food should not cause stress and anxiety.

At Chatty Therapy, we offer tailored feeding therapy to children who are picky eaters or who only eat a limited number of foods. We start with understanding what mealtimes look like in your home, and assessing your child’s eating profile (sensory needs, oro-motor skills, psychological aspects). We will then work with your family to determine an individualized treatment plan and we will be there alongside you to support and develop your child’s eating journey. We come into your home for in-person sessions or provide virtual appointments to suit your schedule.

Helping children and families thrive in their daily lives is our passion, and eating is definitely part of that! Eating is something we do 3 times a day! There could be less emotional struggles during meals because you’ve learnt how to introduce new foods in a low pressure way. Your child could be willing to eat a larger variety of foods and the types of foods they need to be healthy. Our goal is to help you and your child with eating. We want you to be confident your child is growing well, and for mealtimes to be enjoyable and fun. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll get started on your journey together!