Contact Info

Name: Cindy Hai Tran
City: Calgary
Phone: 403-613-0079

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: CORE Occupational Therapy Services Inc.
Years in Practice: more than 10 years but less than 15 years

CORE Occupational Therapy Services (COREOTS) provides independent assessment services for individuals who have sustained an impairment as a result of an accident, medical condition, and individuals who have difficulties with activities of daily living.

COREOTS offers a variety of different assessments, including:

• Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
• Job Site Analysis (JSA)
• Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
• Ergonomic Work Site Analysis
• Occupational Therapy In-Home Assessment (IHA)
• Attendant Care Needs Assessment
• Retroactive Attendant Care Needs Assessment
• Caregiving Assessment
• Housekeeping Assessment
• Cost of Future Care Analysis
• Functional Cognitive Assessment
• Capacity Assessments (Decision-Making)