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Contact Info

Name: Helen Jones
City: Edmonton
Email: hjonesot@shaw.ca

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Looking Forward Occupational Therapy
Years in Practice: more than 30 years

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

• Assessment, consultation, intervention
• School, home, and community based support
• Over 35 years of experience
• Committed to best practice and functional solutions in home, school, and community

Areas of Focus : Fine motor and visual motor development,feeding, sleep, toileting, and other self-care skills, sensory processing, regulation, play, environmental impact on participation, and general skills in daily life

Pediatric Medical Legal Assessment

• Assessment
• Functional emphasis
• Thorough/relevant medical legal assessment reports
• Professional witness for Queen’s Bench, Alberta

Areas of Focus: As above. However, this is a more thorough assessment based upon need.