Contact Info

Name: Johanna LaVallee
City: Edmonton
Phone: 17809015250

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Flourish Family Centred Occupational Therapy & Co
Years in Practice: more than 15 years but less than 20 years

Specializing in sensory and emotional regulation, social interaction and play, behavioural support, motor delays and ADL's such as sleep, toilet training, dressing and feeding.
Flourish OT's work closely with SLP's, PT's, Behavioural coaches, and Clinical Social Workers and are able to support families in assessing need for and accessing these services.

Offering services in a clinic setting with large sensory gym as well as in home support and video conferencing.
Supporting families to apply and access FSCD supports, as well as working alongside family to coordinate the contract.
Servicing families privately or through funding agencies (e.g., FSCD, Jordan's Principal, Children's Services, etc.).
Servicing children in schools, preschools and daycares.