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Contact Info

Name: Kathryn Boldt
City: Edmonton
Phone: 780-907-2199
Email: kathrynboldt@icloud.com

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Kathryn Boldt
Years in Practice: more than 20 years but less than 30 years

*Skilled Occupational Therapist with over 27 years of pediatric experience
*Sound knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for assessment and treatment of complex neuromotor, neurodevelopmental, behavioral and social-emotional challenges pertaining to the pediatric population
*Extensive experience in serving toddler, preschool and school aged children afflicted with a wide range of diagnoses and unique needs
*Address broad areas of development and learning, such as fine and gross motor skill development, motor coordination, adaptive functioning and self-help skills, sensory and/or emotional regulation, , feeding/swallowing, seating/positioning, behavior management, and social communication skills
*Assist families/caregivers/educators/support staff in identifying and implementing effective therapeutic strategies to facilitate a child's success in home/community/school environments

*Very experienced in PUF & FSCD funded services