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Contact Info

Name: Katie Scoffield
City: Edmonton
Email: kt.the.ot.yeg@gmail.com

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: gOT Direction Occupational Therapy
Years in Practice: 1 year or less

Through her Occupational Therapy practice, Katie assists her clients in clarifying their life's purpose, reconnecting with their true selves, and adding meaning to their day-to-day lives. Taking a strengths-based and client-centered approach, Katie works collaboratively with her clients to help them identify their strengths and interests; set goals and work towards them; reconnect with their true selves; and enjoy the journey along the way! Having previously worked with preschool aged children, teens, adults, and seniors, Katie has gained insight into the unique challenges (and opportunities!) that her clients face at each stage of life. As a result, she is able to provide guidance and resources that are unique to each individual she sees, and help her clients surmount the hurdles they are working to overcome!

Drawing upon the principles of behavioral activation (BA), an approach to mental health that uses one's behaviors to influence their emotional state, Katie helps her clients get "unstuck"! She does so by first getting to know who her clients are as a person, and what they care most about, then engaging them in a range of activities such as breathing and relaxation exercises, cognitive training, and leisure activity exploration.