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Name: Mara Pozniak
Email: m.pozniak@greentreerehab.ca

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Website: https://www.greentreerehab.ca/
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We are specialists in the OT field for trauma in concussion and brain injury, orthopaedic and mental health. We help people recover and return to life activities. Areas we specialize in include functional capacity evaluations (cognitive, physical and mental health), OT neuro-rehabilitation for concussion and brain injury, mental health rehabilitation with the occupational therapy occupational performance activation (OTOPA) program (behavioural activation also addressing interpersonal and social issues), prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD, and OT general assessment for all conditions.

We work with all the major law firms, insurance companies and government entities. We are reputable for resolving concussion symptoms, improving oculomotor, vestibular, visual-perceptual and cognitive function to levels clients require to work competitively. Our patients leave confident in the newfound and/ or recovered abilities.
Functional Capacity Evaluations: We provide objective functional testing for cognitive, physical, and mental health functional capacity. We are hired to opine on work capacity, housekeeping capacity, ADL capacity and also determine whether an individual has the capacity to live independently in the community or requires support.
OTOPA programming is highly tailored to address persons with mental health, ADHD, chronic pain and bullying issues in learning the skills and improving function through CBT, DBT, communication and social skills training, and anxiety and stress management. We help people move from feeling overwhelmed and unhappy to fulfilling and happy lives.
Prolonged exposure therapy is provided through our trained clinicians. We work with people from all walks of life involved in trauma and help them work through their issues and then move forward in their lives. Our outcomes are sustainable.