Contact Info

Name: Mary McMahon
City: Calgary
Phone: 403.703.5755

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Mary McMahon Occupational Therapy Services
Years in Practice: more than 30 years

I'm a Senior Occupational Therapist in Mental Health and Counselor with a private practice focused on providing assessment, treatment and counseling to moderate to high functioning neuro-diverse children, adolescents and young adults (under 24 yr). Identifying barriers, finding solutions to problems, and increasing awareness of what may be causing difficulty in the home, school and community is my primary goal. Evaluating atypical sensory processing and exaggerated behavioural responses to sensory input is a key component to my assessment which, in turn, informs the intervention process. If your child is challenged by typical daily routines and social interactions with others, if self-regulation and emotional 'melt-downs' are an ongoing struggle and you want to understand how to help your child/adolescent manage life situations with a calm approach, contact Mary McMahon at 403.703.5755 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss 'next steps',

Services are available by telephone, teletherapy (online) and in-person (as appropriate during Covid-19 pandemic). Initial 30-minute consultation is free. Parents/Guardians, Teachers and Physicians are welcome to discuss any referral questions with OT.

Home and School Assessments available upon request