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Contact Info

Name: McCullough Janice
City: St. Albert
Phone: 780-267-9866
Email: restisbestltd@outlook.com

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Rest is Best: Wellness Through Sleep
Website: http://www.restisbest.ca
Years in Practice: more than 15 years but less than 20 years

Rest is Best: Wellness Through Sleep offers sleep consultations for people struggling to achieve restorative sleep. Clients of all ages and abilities can expect to receive holistic support to optimize sleep. My approach to sleep is based on the core belief that sleep is a natural, inevitable bodily function. It is intertwined with a person’s social context, physical environment, health, wellness, lifestyle, habits, routines, and skills (e.g. their ability to regulate). When one of these components is lacking, or is present in excess, it strains the individual’s system and impedes optimal sleep. The approach, based on the Holistic Science of Sleep Method (HSS Method TM), emphasizes the importance of investigating, evaluating, and addressing imbalances in optimal human functioning (i.e. physical, mental, and emotional) and external forces (i.e. social, environmental, and cultural) that inhibit sleep. This means that sleep concerns are addressed within the context of the whole person and not just from a behavioural perspective. Once the root cause is determined, we can collaboratively act to resolve the sources of ‘stress’ negatively impacting our ideal sleep.

In addition to working with individual families, Rest is Best provides group educational seminars.