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Contact Info

Name: Natasha Mosher
City: Beaumont
Phone: 17805549736
Email: natashamosher@beaconoccupationaltherapyservice.ca

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Beacon Occupational Therapy Service
Website: http://www.beaconoccupationaltherapyservice.ca
Years in Practice: more than 10 years but less than 15 years

There are a range of available services offered at Beacon Occupational Therapy, such as fine and gross motor skill development delivered within the home or virtually. Assistance with picky eating and problem feeding, 1:1 therapy options working with children with anxiety, OCD, ASD and trauma and coaching in developing more attainable familial routines through education and assistance in the development of visuals, social stories, etc. Sleep coaching/ training is offered using the Gentle Sleep Coaching approach, as well as parent coaching using Circle of Security philosophy,.

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach- offering a full sleep training package.
Trained COSP (circle of Security) provider -coaching parents and caregivers to encourage and develop secure attachment in their children.