1 (855) 691-7268 info@saot.ca

Contact Info

Name: Pauline Nguyen
City: Calgary
Phone: (403)909-1896
Email: pauline-nguyen@hotmail.com

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Pauline Nguyen
Website: https://www.fixphysio.ca/pauline
Years in Practice: more than 1 year but less than 5 years

I am self-contracted at Fix Physio. I am offering neurorehabilitation for post-concussion syndrome, brain injury, and stroke. I am certified to administer Brain FX assessments, which creates a neurofunctional profile for the patient to guide treatment planning and interventions. Reports can be used to inform MVA reports, return-to-work plans, and be used for reassessments to track progress. I have taken additional training for cognitive rehabilitation and visual rehabilitation and can offer these services through remediation, compensation, and adaptation of functional difficulties.

I am able to empower clients through education on self-management in areas including sleep hygiene, energy conservation, pain management, and general brain health.