Contact Info

Name: Sonya Sawers
City: Calgary
Phone: 4036056849

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Sense of Self Inc (CherringtonSawers)
Years in Practice: more than 30 years

"Integrated Therapy" services available (OT/ SLP/Counselling);

Expertise in Sensory Processing Challenges, Anxiety, Emotional Regulation; Challenging Behaviours and "difficult to parent" behaviours; Social-Emotional skills; Social Cognition skills, Developmental Delays

OT: Sensory Processing/ Sensory Integration (SI/SPD); Emotional Regulation challenges (including Anxiety); sensory and motor-based challenges related to DCD; LD; ASD; ADHD; Giftedness; Fine Motor (printing/handwriting/keyboarding); Self Help Skills and Independence (Organization and other related Executive Functioning skills)

FSCD: Intakes, ISPs and therapy sessions (OT and/or SLP and/or Counselling services available for BDS/FSCD contracts)

Target Areas: Sensory Challenges; Emotional and Self Regulation skills; Activities of Daily Living (Occupational Participation skills); Anxiety; Challenging Behaviours; Social Cognition/Social Communication skills

PARENT Support and Consultation for Sensory challenges

Child-Youth Counselling: older children and teens who struggle with challenging needs related to Sensory Processing and/or Emotional Regulation difficulties (ADHD, ASD, LD, Giftedness, SPD, Anxiety, Emotional/Self Regulation, Social Participation 

iLs: Advanced iLs Certified and SSP Certified
* customized iLs programming available
* SSP/iLs based (specialized, short term, 5 day, intensive, clinic-based programming)
for children and teens who experience Anxiety; Sensory and/or Social challenges related to Sensory Processing Disorder etc (SPD/ SI); DCD; ADHD, LD, Giftedness, ASD, Anxiety, emotional regulation disorders