Contact Info

Name: Stephanie Forseth
City: Airdrie
Phone: 5874360881

Private Practice Info

Private Practice Name: Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Years in Practice: more than 5 years but less than 10 years

Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd. is a community-based private therapy practice offering simple, intuitive, evidence-based solutions for families with children ages 0-18. We work with families and their children to help you learn and implement your child’s individualized solutions to achieve their goals.

**We are able to provide invoices for private insurance coverage and provide services to F.S.C.D funded clients.**

Intuitive Therapy Solutions specializes in --Pediatric Feeding Therapy-- through our Intuitive Feeding program, in partnership with Grassroots Nutrition. Intuitive Feeding helps children and their families in reconnecting with their intuition to make mealtimes nourishing and enjoyable! For more information visit our Intuitive Feeding website at

We offer a broad range of services for children including:
-Feeding Therapy
-Emotional and self regulation support
-Fine motor skill development
-Self-care skills include tolieting, dressing, sleeping, bathing, grooming and brushing teeth.
-Life skills include some of the following areas time management, community safety, transportation, money management and meal preparation.
-Social skill development

For Adults:
-ADL/IADL retraining
-Cognitive Assessment and rehab
-Home Safety Assessments including falls prevention
-Ergonomic Assessments
-Equipment Assessment and Prescription