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professional affairs

SAOT is your voice for occupational therapy in Alberta!

As an important part of our mandate, SAOT is actively engaged in advocating for access to OT services for all Albertans.

The following are key players in our professional affairs initiatives:

  • Professional Affairs Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Director
  • Government Relations Consultant

Our professional affairs activities are directed to achieve the visions and objectives outlined in our Five-year Strategic Plan.

The Professional Affairs Committee has identified four focus areas for this initial work:

  • Reducing job erosion and the duplication in scope of practice with other health professions;
  • Developing an enriched role for occupational therapists in mental health care in Alberta;
  • Increasing integration of occupational therapists into primary care networks (PCNs); and
  • Working to promote the engagement of insurers in rehabilitation issues and processes.

A four-phased plan is currently underway. Access SAOT’s Professional Affairs Plan – 2016-2017.

At the same time, the Society is actively responding to a variety of health policy changes and proposed regulation/legislative changes that affect or will affect OTs and their clients access to their services.  These issues reflect the high level of engagement of the Society in provincial health policy issues.  The sheer number of issues identifies the fast pace of change and development of our public and private health care systems and the diversity of OT practice across these systems.

Be a Part of It!

Registered OTs in Alberta can assist us in our efforts in the following ways:

  • Register as a full or associate member of SAOT so that we can keep you apprised of key issues and activities;
  • Volunteer as part of the PAC (full SAOT members) – email advocacy@saot.ca to learn more; and
  • Notify the PAC of emerging issues – email advocacy@saot.ca.