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Bringing Seniors Into Focus – Session Selection

Friday – 10:30 am concurrent sessions

Communications Tools to Enhance Care
Mark Marcynuk, BSC PT, PCC
University of Alberta, International Coaching Federation

We will explore communication tools for working with individuals with responsive behaviours or other communication difficulties. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is critical when caring for people with dementia and other complex conditions. Mark will provide practical tools to care providers, as well as a theoretical framework around communicating with those with responsive behaviours.

Can Specifically Designed Physical Therapy Decrease Progression of Dementia?
Salma Murji, MD CCFP

A presentation of evidence based research regarding the impact of physical activity on decreasing incidence and/or progression of dementia as well as helping with decreasing symptoms of BPSD. Explore the impact of physical activity on reduction of other factors that predispose to dementia. Specific types of physical activities that stimulate the brain and their response to helping with dementia symptoms. A 15 minute demo class on “Eccentics”

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