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Bringing Seniors Into Focus – Session Selection

Friday – 1:00 pm concurrent sessions

The Capacity Assessment Journey: Avoiding Pitfalls and Barriers
Paul Huget, MScOT

Everyone who works in healthcare has an important role to play when it comes to capacity assessments. But there are many pitfalls and barriers to arriving at a quality, just, and balanced capacity assessment. Learn how to avoid mistakes along the journey and find a balance between protection and autonomy.

Senior Driving and the Road Forward
Alina Schneider, MScOT

Driving is a complex task that requires many skills and abilities that may become challenging as we become older. As health care professionals who work with seniors, we must address driving the same way as we address other concerns. This presentation will address many concerns about driving including medical conditions, identifying and screening for driving concerns, what to do when you suspect problems with driving, what driving evaluation services are available, role of driver fitness and monitoring, regulations regarding seniors drivers, What happens at driver evaluations and how they are different from road tests.

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