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Bringing Seniors Into Focus – Session Selection

Friday – 3:00 pm concurrent sessions

Providing Cultural Safety: Bathroom Assessments With Moose Carcasses and Other Adventures in OT
Caitlyn DeBruyn. MScOT

This session explores the experiences of adapting an OT service delivery model to one of cultural safety and relationship building, through providing services in remote First Nation communities in Northern British Columbia and Nunavut, and the resulting impact on community wellness. The presentation will include qualitative information and initiate discussion providing culturally safe occupational therapy interventions, which emphasizes building relationships within First Nation communities, which has the potential to influence engagement, trust and increased wellness in marginalized communities.

Working with the Aging Indigenous Population
Jessie Redcrow, B.Sc.OT, OT(c)
Holly Calliou, BScN, RN

An introduction to providing health services to elderly populations on a First Nation. Will discuss services and funding available, and how to navigate jurisdictional and other issues commonly encountered when working with a First Nations population. We will also provide some corresponding statistical information.

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