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Bringing Seniors Into Focus – Session Selection

Saturday – 10:30 am concurrent sessions

Cannabis for Chronic Pain
Dr. John Pereira

1) Compare and contrast the effects of THC and CBD
2) Demonstrate how cannabis has increased in potency in recent decades
3) Review the current legislation on cannabis and driving

Aging, Trauma and Life’s Vicissitudes
Dr Udeme Akpan
MD, MBCH B, DIH, MRCPsych (U K), FRCPC, European Certificate in Affective Neurosciences

At the successful completion of this [light hearted] discussion, participants would have explored:
• Basic principles of management of mental health disorders in the geriatric population, with reference to trauma
• Trauma, aging and it’s correlates
• Common presentations and the conundrums of adverse life events
• When ‘soldiers age’; reflections on endurance and stoicism
• Is the treatment of Trauma in the elderly different?

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