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Bringing Seniors Into Focus – Session Selection

Saturday – 8:30 am concurrent sessions

Resilience in Mental Health with Seniors
Dr Leon Kagan, MD, CCFP, FRCP

Resiliency is a key factor in aging successfully. This presentation will focus on psychosocial resilience including positivity and effective coping with a focus on the geriatric population. There will be clinical examples and a discussion on interventions reviewed in the literature.

Biopsychosocial Recovery from Pain for the Older Adult
Bonnie Klassen, MScOT

This session describes a practical approach to working with older adults with chronic pain and their families and caregivers. It provides some useful resources that you can both recommend to your clients, colleagues, and use for yourself. Topics include: pain assessment, setting goals and action plans, pain neuroscience education, and some pain self-management strategies. It concludes with a discussion of how occupational therapy may differ from other health disciplines, mainly because of the holistic approach and the focus on function.

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